Here's How The Process Works

Every part of our production process has been optimized to reduce the need for your time. We want to make the development process a delight instead of a burden.

Research & Planning

After placing your order we’ll invite you to book a Strategy Session (Video) Call and you’ll also immediately receive a link to our questionnaire to prepare for the session.
On the call we’ll first deep dive into your goals with your animated video, your business (strategy), and target market. We would like to know about what makes your customers tick.

We need to know your customers to the core to ensure your video will resonate with them and future buyers. We will help you refine your marketing strategy by getting to the core of your value offer.

After completing the call, our team will gather and start to strategize and map out the preliminary vision of your new video. We will contact you if we find missing information, otherwise we’ll continue to write the script.

What we deliver: Marketing Message Strategy Call
Time invested on client side: 2 hours

Script Development

When we’re clear on your goals and got aligned, our main copywriting expert will get to work. After two to four days you’ll receive the first version of the script for review.
Our video scripts are written using our Proven Advertising Formula which uses conversion switches to influence your target audience to take action. We’ll highlight the aspects of the script and techniques used, so you get insight on how your video will work.

To finalize the script, we’ll work together with your to get it right, to make sure you reach your objectives.

What we deliver: Script (delivered through Google Docs)
Time invested on client side: 1 hour


Okay so the script is done. Now it’s time to bring out one of our professional voice-over artists to communicate your message. We work with the best voice-over artists around the world to ensure the best talent, tone-of-voice, accent and language.

We’ll guide you in choosing the right voice-over (female or male) that’s most effective for your objectives.

What we deliver: Studio Quality Voice-Over
Time invested on client side: 30 minutes

Storyboard & Visual Design

In parallel with the recording of the voice-over, we’ll also get started with the visual design stage. You will receive a visual overview of each scene, related visuals and sentences to get a better picture of the final video.

We’ll let you review the visuals before we start with the animation. You will get a good impression of the visual style, colors, branding and characters.

What we deliver: Storyboard, sketches, illustrations
Time invested on client side: 1 hours

Animation & Sound Design

Now we’re getting there! The animation stage is almost the last step in production and the most important. Once we’re all excited about he script, voice-over and visuals it is time for the animator to work his/her magic.

Our animators create premium, high-quality videos that conveys a professional and high-end experience to your market. With your video you’ll stand out from your competitors and come across as the market leader with the best offer.

When the animation is completely on point we will add background music and sound effects to make it complete. You will really experience the positive effect it has on engagement once these are added.

What we deliver: Video with background music and sound effects
Time invested on client side: 30 minutes

Handover & Implementation

Time to press play! When you’re excited to show your video to all your co-workers and customers it is time to handover all the video files.

We’ll create a handy package and provide implementation assistance to make your launch process a breeze. We’ll show you ways to launch your video for sales and marketing campaigns and how to distribute it on your social media channels.

What we deliver: Final video, handover files, documentation

Here's What's Included

Your animated explainer video will come with everything listed below.

      Video strategy call where we identify your target market's pains, needs and desires so we can create the perfect message

      High-converting script written by our senior copywriter

      Full-custom animation styled for your brand

      Dedicated project manager available by phone or email

      High-quality voice over in accent or tone of choice from a professional studio

      Editable design files for all assets, characters and icons, for reuse across your marketing campaigns

      2 rounds of revisions

      Full handover and implementation assistance and support

      Engaging sound effects and background music

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“ Mercury Video's service was really smooth and the result was exactly what we'd expected (and more)

We felt that Mercury Videos tried to understand our product and they were very receptive and accommodating to changes. The video summed up our product and presented it in a captivating visual style.

Steve McLay  // Marketing Manager Talk360

Mercury Videos nailed it. From beginning to end the steps were clear and their expertise helped us to make it look perfect “

Our purpose was to increase the amount of new accounts made on our website. This increased with more than 100% which showed me once again how important it is to have an explainer video.

Mike Couman  // CEO Sendsteps

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