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Helping Your Business Reach It's Goals With Video Marketing

Core Values

Best Value Available

Because there are a lot of options in video animation we help to offer the highest value for any needs. Need a high quality tailor-made production, or just a short explainer video for your Startup? We've got you covered!

Focused On End-Result

Getting a video is great. But what is the ROI if it's not effective for your end result? We "start with the WHY" and want to get to know your business and goals, so we can deliver the best end result for your needs.

Long-Term Partner

Over 52% of our customers produce a video series with us. We think long-term and aim to be your go-to, trusted video partner for many years to come.


We strive to over-deliver on all our projects. We are not finished until you're completely excited about your video.

Effective Message Over Visuals

We believe the true value in our work lies in the research and strategy call which leads to a business-changing script and refined marketing message. The incredible visuals are just a bonus...

Transparent Process

We want to make the production process as smooth as possible for you. You get a dedicated Project Manager to make communication easy and lay out the whole process before getting started. No surprises!

Ready To Convert Website Visitors Into Customers?

Increase conversions on your website with a powerful
animated explainer video

“ Mercury Video's service was really smooth and the result was exactly what we'd expected (and more)

We felt that Mercury Videos tried to understand our product and they were very receptive and accommodating to changes. The video summed up our product and presented it in a captivating visual style.

Steve McLay  // Marketing Manager Talk360

Mercury Videos nailed it. From beginning to end the steps were clear and their expertise helped us to make it look perfect “

Our purpose was to increase the amount of new accounts made on our website. This increased with more than 100% which showed me once again how important it is to have an explainer video.

Mike Couman  // CEO Sendsteps

  Looking For More Reasons To Choose Mercury Videos?

Why a Mercury Video Is Essential In Your Marketing Toolkit

   Low Time Investment
All parts of our production process have been optimized to reduce your time investment. This makes developing your explainer video a delight, not a burden. Relax and let us guide you and do the work – it’s what you pay us for!
   All The Styles You Need
Looking for 2D or 3D animation? Motion graphics? Animated logo’s? Or software demo videos? We’ve got you covered.
   Experienced Business Partner
When working with us you don’t need to look for another video provider again. We’re committed to making your experience as easy as possible. Most clients like us so much they will order again after getting their first explainer video.
   Guaranteed Satisfaction
We guide you through the process and help to get the result you need. If your video isn’t complete or you’re not 100% happy with the result we’ll work until you’re satisfied. We want you to be proud of the end result so you’ll share your video content all over the web.
   Lightning Fast Delivery
You probably experienced those long and dreaded projects that keep going on and on without a clear deadline. We also know you want to start using your video as soon as possible. Our production team is equipped and ready to deliver fast, without compromising quality. We offer extra services if you need your video in less than 4 weeks (standard delivery time).
   Highest Value Available
You might have seen pricier offers, or even cheaper ones. Usually the expensive options are overpriced and only suited for large global enterprises. On the other hand the cheaper options don’t provide the high-quality, clear communications, revision rounds and fast delivery times like we do.
   Transparent Offering
Before you start working with us we clarify our pricing, process, portfolio and testimonials for you to help you in decision making. We love to work in a transparent way to prevent any unwanted surprises. If you have a question at any point, never hesitate to contact us!
   Full-Service Production Team
By utilizing worldwide creative talent we are able to offer high-quality for an attrative price. Our HQ is in The Hague, Holland, but our team members are working remotely based in cities around the world. This helps in providing the best talent for your needs.

100% Guaranteed Quality

At Mercury Videos we focus on a superior customer experience, a high quality, result-driven delivery. Our included revision rounds will make sure you get the result you deserve.

Have A Question?

What Is The Duration Of The Production?
The production of your animated video takes between 2 to 7 weeks, depending on the selected animation style and duration. This variable duration is also dependent on the communication frequency between us and your contact person and the required revisions in every phase.
How Am I Involved During Production?
Our company operatives digitally by default. We use project management software and written communication over email. In addition, we use Skype and telephone only when needed. This has proven to be sufficient for over 3 years for our customers.
What's The Price Of An Explainer Video?
We offer different levels of quality depending on your budget: for companies that want a complete tailor made video the price ranges between $ 2800 and $6500 depending on your requirements. The price varies depending on the video duration, medium and animation style.

We also offer template videos: a cost-effective way for smaller companies to use explainer videos. These are less custom, using more standard graphics. These videos range from $700 - $1600 based on video length.
How Does Payment Work?
All payments are securely processed using Stripe. Do you prefer to receive an invoice? Use our contact form to place an order instead.
What's A Good Duration Of My Video?
The most effective duration depends on your goals. In general, shorter videos are more effective, especially when they are used for advertising on social media.

Our goal is to optimize every second for the highest impact and to help increase your sales and conversions.

A video of max. 30 seconds is best used for a sales pitch on your website or to generate website traffic. A video of max. 90 seconds offers more opportunities to explain and is suited to increase the conversion on your website.
Can We Setup A Meeting First?
Since the start we’ve been a digital company. We would like to meet in person but try to avoid it because of efficiency and environmental reasons.
Can You Help Me After Delivering The Video?
When delivering your video files we also include a document that explains how to use your video in the best way. It explains how you can use your video on social media, like embedding it and howto use it on your website, emails, etc. When you require additional help you’re welcome to contact us.
I'm Ready! How Do I Order?
Click the “View pricing” or “Get started” buttons to place an order. We will contact you immediately by email for an initial enquiry of your requirements. After providing this initial information you’ll be assigned a fixed project manager during the whole production process.
How Many Videos Do I Need?
The amount of videos you need all depends on your business goal(s). The videos we produce can be used on their own and our perfect to get more website visitors, convert more visitors to customers. Your explainer video can also be used in marketing campaigns on social media, for online advertising, on your website/landing pages, in email campaigns, at events and conferences or during (sales) meetings.

Do you want to primarily focus on sales? We offer video sales funnels just for that purpose. These are series of videos aimed and generating traffic, shortening the sales cycle or to create long-term brand loyalty. Schedule a (video)conference to learn more and talk about your specific needs.
How Do You Fit Into The Market?
We get it. There are a lot of companies offering (animated) explainer videos. We distinguish ourselves by focusing on thoughtful and high quality tailored work. You could hire a large creative firm and pay $15,000 or more, or look for a cheap outsourcing site where you’ll get a standard template video that’s not customized to your company. We fit right in between those two extremes, offering you the best of both (high quality result for any budget).
Do You Offer Any Discounts?
A lot of our customers need multiple videos for different target audience or as part of a marketing funnel. When you require more than 3 videos you’ll receive a 10% discount on the total investment. This will increase to 20% discount when you order 5 videos or more.
Let us know what you need when ordering your first video and we’ll send you a link to apply your discount.
Can I Change The Duration After Ordering?
Of course! Some of our customers have ordered a video of 60 seconds but decide they need to extend it to 90 seconds to be able to fit all required information in the script. We can also produce two versions of the script (no extra charge) so you’ll be able to compare the difference. Upon completing the project we’ll send an invoice with the difference.
Can I Talk To Someone First?
When you have any remaining questions you can contact us using our contact form or send an email directly to studio@mercuryvideos.com. You can also schedule a conference call.
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